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on site catering for movie and tv crews in tulsa and all of Oklahoma, Dope Soul Catering & Food Truck


happy crew, happy life

We deliver the very best in food services to movie and tv production crews with drop and go catering, on-site in all terrains, etc. Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Clean food menus, boujee, vegetarian, organic, hormone and antibiotic free food. We serve all types of food made for a successful work situation for your crews all over Oklahoma. Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Northern Texas  

on site catering for movie and tv crews in tulsa and all of Oklahoma, Dope Soul Catering & Food Truck

Our Fee Rate

· We will arrive 60 minutes before crew call time to set up and drop off. We will breakdown 60 minutes before crew wrap times.

· Orders must be placed by 10:00 am, 24 hours before start date.

· %50 deposit is required up front. Full balance due when invoiced.

· Craft Services Attendant ($25/hr) reg hours 8am to 8pm. ($35/hr) night charges 8pm – 8am.

· Equipment rental ($100/per day) to include: Tables, power chords, toasters, coffee and tea pots. 

· Beverage for bundles ($3/per day) to include: bottle water, sodas, tea, and juice.

· Delivery Charges - $125/per day. $250+ outside the Tulsa metro commuting area.

· Prep attendant: $590 for 6 days, $100/per day for under 6 days.

· Shopping - $200 for 6 days. $50/per day for under 6 days.

· Discounted packages require disposable set ups for an additional $150 per week fee.

· Disposable setup required for all locations without a sink for additional $100 per week.

. Yes, we will travel with you to complete production. Fees will apply. 

It is our job to feed your crew for a long day, which is why we feed people to boost their performance, not to crash out on junk. Don't get us wrong, we can supply tasty treats for comfort food but ultimately food to sustain a proper functioning mind and emotions is why we are sought out by production crews. If you are working 15 hour days, we are working 20 hour days to make sure you production wants for nothing regarding our services. why not feed them in a way that boosts their performance? 

We build our menus to meet the needs of your crew. Below are examples and starting size portions for our pick one or two menu. Prices are subject to change without notice and we reserve the right to make substitutions if we cannot get a hold of your by 3 am the morning of service. We have more menu items and including vegetarians. This is just a starting point. 


Breakfast Burritos                         $4.50-$6.00

Lumberjack Breakfast                              $5.50

Sausage Egg & Cheese Muffin                $3.75

Breakfast Calzone                                 $6.00

Dope Breakfast Plates                        $4-$6.00

Sausage Egg on Toast                           $4.00

Sausage & Egg Cruncher                       $4.25

Hash Brown & Sausage Stack                 $4.75

Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy                      $4.50

Moon Over My Hammy                         $4.25

Bacon Egg & Cheese Burrito                   $4.50

Deluxe Breakfast Casserole                     $4.75

Bacon & Egg on Toast                            $4.50

Sweet Cream Pancakes | Meat           $4-$5.00

Breakfast Club | Croissant                       $5.50

French Toast | w/Meat                      $4-$5.75

Breakfast Casseroles                    $4.25-$5.50

Bambino Egg & Chz                             $2.75

Scrambled Eggs | w/Meat             $2.50-4.00

Sub's & Burritos

Pizza Supreme                                      $5.00

Ham & Cheese                                     $4.00

Hoagie                                               $5.50

Hot Sub                                              $4.50

Smokey Turkey Bacon                             $5.00

Deluxe Italian                                       $5.50

Mini Italian                                          $4.25

Jersey                                                  $5.25

Buffalo Chicken                                    $4.75

Chicken & Cheddar                              $5.00

Philly Steak & Cheese                            $6.00

French Dip Au Jus                                  $5.25

Jumbo Burritos                                       $6.00

Bambino Beef & Bean Burrito                  $2.75

Jumbo Chicken Burritos                           $6.00


Meatballs & Noodles                             $6.00

Spaghetti | Meat Sauce                         $6.00

Sweet & Sour Chicken | Rice                   $6.00

Mostaccioli | Meat Sauce                       $6.00

Meat Lasagna                                      $5.75

Meatloaf | Veg & Potato                         $6.75

Penne w/Fire Roasted Veg & Chicken       $6.25

Chicken (Sesame Garlic or Teriyaki          $6.00

Pepper Steak | Rice                               $6.00

Macaroni & Cheese                              $4.25

Scallop Potatoes & Ham                         $6.00

Salisbury Steak w/Potato & Veg              $6.25

1/3lb Cheeseburger | Potato Wedges      $6.75

Chipotle Bowls ( chick, beef, veg)         $5-6.00

Chicken Parmesan w/Side                     $6.00

Salads & Such

Pasta Salad                                          $3.25

Tuna Mac                                            $4.00

Chicken Bacon Salad                            $6.00

Chicken Caesar Salad                           $6.00

Cobb Salad                                         $5.75

Fresh Fruit Bowl                                     $4.25

Italian Toss Salad                                  $5.75

Soup of the Day (seasonal)                     $4.50

Texas Style Chili (seasonal)                      $4.50

Hard Boiled Eggs                                  $1.75

Burgers, Dogs etc.

Cheeseburger                                       $5.50

Patty Melt                                            $5.50

Sloppy Joe                                           $4.00

Fish Sandwich | Cheese                         $5.75

Sliders                                                 $2.75

Chili Dog (no onion)                              $3.25

All Beef Hot Dog (1/4lb)                        $3.75

Coney dog                                          $3.00

Kielbasa on Bun                                    $4.25

Double Chili Dogs                                 $4.50

Classic Hot Dog                                   $2.25

Double Bacon & Cheese Dog                 $4.75

Grilled Ham Cheese on Rye                    $4.25

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich                     $5.00

Dagwood Sandwich                              $4.00

Hot Sides

(Baked Beans, Veggie, Potato)       $1.75-$2.25

Sales Tax included
Prices subject to change without notice
We Accept Credit & Debit Cards!

Deli Offerings

Chicken, Egg & Tuna Salad                    $4.25

Bologna & Cheese                                $3.50

Peanut Butter & Jelly                               $3.00

Ham & Cheddar                                   $4.00

Slim Jim                                               $5.00

Corned Beef on Rye                              $5.75

Deli Style New Yorker                            $5.75

Roast Beef & Cheddar                           $5.75

Ham & Cheddar                                   $4.00

Grilled Deli Deluxe                                $4.50

Smokey Grill                                        $5.00

Ham & Turkey Club                               $5.00

Turkey Reuben                                       $5.25

Grilled Ham Deluxe                               $5.50

Buffalo Chicken Wrap                           $5.00

Chicken Ranch Wrap                            $5.00

Chicken Caesar Wrap                           $5.00

Turkey & Slaw Wrap                              $4.50

Chicken Bacon Wrap                            $5.25

Grinder of the Day                       $6.00-$6.50

BBQ Chicken Wrap                              $4.75

BBQ Pork Wrap                                    $5.00 Steak Fiesta Wrap                                 $5.25

Southwest Steak Wrap                           $5.25

Italian Pizza Wrap                                $5.00

Ham & Cheese Croissant                       $4.75

Pre-Packaged Goodies

Italian Bakery Jumbo Pepperoni Roll          $5.00

Tina/Jose Ole / Bomb Burritos                $4.50

Sausage Biscuits                                   $2.75

Bagel Dogs                                          $3.50

Hot Pockets                                          $3.50

Red Baron Pizzas                                  $3.50

White Castle Twin Burgers                      $2.50

White Castle Breakfast Sandwiches          $3.00

Calzones                                             $4.25

On the Lighter Side

Bakery Fresh Donut                             $1-1.25

Bakery Fresh Muffin                               $1.75

Bakery Fresh Bagel | Crm.Chz                 $2.00

Whole Fruit                                          $1.00

Assorted Cereal | Oatmeal                     $2.00

Assorted Yogurt Cups                             $1.75

Jello Cup w/fruit                                   $2.00

Stews / Hormel -can                             $2.00

Campbell Soup -can                              $1.75

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