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Why Online Ordering Matters - COVID-19 Food Truck Edition

With Social Distancing being one of the most heard phrases lately, we would like to take the opportunity to explain how online ordering helps us and you during this time.

When you find out a food truck is coming to your neighborhood, look to see if they offer ordering online. You may be surprised to see that they are offering more options than they can list on their menu at the food truck.

Food Truck Online Ordering
Dope Soul Online Ordering

1. Pre-Orders are an important indicator for food trucks of community activity in an area. This isn't just about profit, it is about avoiding loss. Food truckers would love to provide service for your area, but if they prepare food for 100 people and dedicate 3 hours to an area but only five people come out to order, that loss can be devastating. The area has to be able to sustain service.

2. Online ordering means you spend less time in possible contact with others. While social distancing is necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we are all taking steps and making adjustments to ensure public safety.

3. Online ordering means less handling of cash. While there have been reports that say currency doesn't contribute to the spread of the virus, not handling cash guarantees it. Many food trucks also offer credit card, Apple pay and other electronic payment options. Also, don't forget to tip, a lot of us are using our tips to make sure we don't have to turn anyone away who can't afford to pay or helping families in need who are struggling.

4. Keep in mind, ordering online for a food truck is not quite the same as ordering from a restaurant. Where a restaurant often has a whole team of people making orders, food trucks usually only have two people managing orders. If multiple orders come in with multiple entree orders for an entire family, wait times may be extended and pickup times may be pushed back. Please be patient, you'll get hot, fresh food that's worth the wait!


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