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Your neighborhood working with food trucks in Tulsa and surrounding areas

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Tulsa restaurants and food trucks are being innovative and changing quickly to meet the needs of customers during the Covid-19 life altering event. Life in the food industry changed overnight and it has been really hard to reach people around the city quickly.

Food trucks have not been limited by officials at the point of writing this but that doesn’t mean that food trucks are doing well during this period. Many of us consider this "food truck season" when the weather is nice. It coincides with festivals and events hosted in our area where large crowds are usually gathered and food trucks are in demand.

Not only is fear of the virus causing problems but we also have food sourcing issues and bad weather to contend with, and some customers are also confused as to whether food trucks can still legally operate. Plus, many are working from home now, instead of going to their jobs in centrally located places like industrial parks and secure facilities, like American Airlines, Webco and DXC.

Unfortunately, changing the truck’s location isn’t as easy as it sounds. “People don’t just stumble into your food truck,” says Bryan of Dope Soul. “Sure, we’re mobile, but it takes time to build up a location so that people can expect us to be there, unfortunately food loss is painful to deal with when people don't communicate in neighborhoods.”

It will take neighborhoods working with food trucks to get the areas fed in Tulsa and surrounding areas. The Nextdoor app, social media pages specific to neighborhoods and HOA emailings are perfect for letting people know that food trucks will be available and serving your area.

Tulsa Neighborhoods - Dope Soul Food Truck Service Areas
Tulsa Neighborhoods

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