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"Is there anything that aren't fantastic at? We have ordered from them repeatedly for every event and they just keep getting better and better; Greek, their smoked tenderloin, Fried Chicken, Philly Steak Sandwiches, it's all delicious."


" Dope Soul Catering & Food Truck is amazing. Every time I visit, they have something different but always delicious. IMO they are the best food truck in Tulsa, if not the most versatile. My friend had them for her birthday party catering with Barbeque and Hamburgers and they were COVID safe, wearing masks and gloves the whole time and sanitizing everything. They even delivered individually packaged food. Bryan and Nicole are super sweet and go above and beyond in their service and treat everyone like family."

"Best food truck in town!!!  Fast efficient and clean; not to mention fantastic flavors!"

"We had them out for their brisket and pulled pork tacos, their sides are handmade and really great portions!!!!"

"Our logistics company had them out for our crew all day, Dope Soul was here from 10:30 to 9 pm and not one employee complained about anything. The made the employees feel appreciated for our employee appreciation day."

"At first I thought it would be a big gamble to have a food truck show up for an inside cater, but they were impressive. They presented themselves professionally, very clear cut. Dino ribs, chicken, catfish and burgers. They got everyone served very quickly with only one complaint... why didn't we get them sooner! "

"Food trucks have been scaring me lately but they even let you on their food truck to inspect if you like. Absolutely spotless. Their meat is straight from a local ranch and you can tell they are all about quality. You will not find any better quality in all of Tulsa. Loved the vegan options they brought for the non meat eaters."

"If you want a quick meal for your crew just give them a call. Outstanding service."

"We caught up with them and split a burger while at the Shrine. We regret not getting our own burgers. I will never share a burger again."

"Ask them about their secret menu, no really do it!"

"Our HOA hired you guys to come to our neighborhood during quarantine. You were so friendly and the food was yummy. My kids always ask if your out so we can get your shaved ice but I really want your boba tea. They loved the gourmet grilled cheese with the shrimp alfredo and the pizza grilled cheese. My husband loved the cheeseburger and whatever that special green sauce was that you put on the fries. Personally, I loved the spicy vegan pupusas with the vinegar slaw. The flavors were exceptional!"

"Bryan and Nicole took care of our car lot during customer and employee appreciation. All I can say is thank you so much for everything from start to finish. You can tell they care about every customer.

"Amazing and I want more!"

​"Thank you for serving the homeless and those in need at the bus station. Next time I want to pay."

"Your seasoning was great on the steak, we didn't even need a knife to cut it."

"Thank you for serving my son's birthday party during the pandemic. You made us feel safe and all the kids loved the shaved ice, funnel cakes and dawgs."

"Y’all served our employee appreciation and I can’t wait to see you again! The portions were huge and I had enough to take home and share with my boyfriend. I had the fried rice with garlic chicken. The food was super fresh and I just didn’t expect that kind of quality. My friend got your pulled pork sandwich and said it was addictive. And your French fries were perfect!"

"You were right, you really can do it all and you do it spectacularly!!"

"The first time we had them to our neighborhood they were a little slow, the second time it was bam bam bam out the window for everything and they kept the line moving! Everything is fresh and handmade"

"That rub was soooooooooooooooooooo good. We had burnt ends, pork belly, brisket and burger at our event and tacos.. just wow!"

"I had the opportunity to try Dope Souls fair menu this weekend, and it did not disappoint! The fried cheese is superb, the corn dogs batter and the quality of the wiener, funnel cake, fried Oreos and the wide variety of flavors for their snow cones, and their new items on the menu the Venezuelan empanadas, I recommend them 100% for the private event or for a everyday meal follow their page so you can go buy their food!! Thanks so much guys we enjoyed your fair foods so much!!!"

" Dope Soul Catering & Food Truck is a 10 out of 10 !"

"The biggest smoked turkey legs and corn on the cob, my belly almost exploded."

"Brisket! Thank you for having it and making it perfectly. It really hit the spot!!!!!!"

"They were better than going to the state fair, no other food truck touches them in taste or value. I am not kidding. Our youth group in Collinsville booked for our back to school event and they brought a huge menu to feed the kids. Turkey legs, shaved Ice, funnel cakes, fried oreos, fried cheese, corn dogs, garlic fried chicken on a stick."

"We ordered the build your own taco bar with three kinds of meat and all the toppings. Very good and very responsible priced for our leadership meeting."

"We always visit you guys when you come to town because you always make us feel like family. We come for the creative ingredients. It feels like a farm to table experience because of the quality but without the pretense. We love the Hippie fried rice and have bought a lot of different things because we got to try them from your truck first. You’re both really helpful with all the suggestions and ideas. I’ve been burnt out cooking during quarantine and you gave me back that pep. It was nice to see you all in masks and I know you take your customers health seriously. We love the garlic chicken."

"Thank you for coming to the car show, incredible menu."

"Thank you for coming out in the middle of the night to serve our movie crew in Glenpool. They thought they might not be able to make it from their first service and they even tried to find us a replacement. We stayed with them, the coffee and donuts and funnel cakes were perfect. "

"Thanks for the perfect surf and turf for my wife's birthday party. Everyone is still raving about it. "

"The crew served our brunch wedding and it was magical, everyone of the crew did a great job!!"

"Thank you for the great service today. That Turkey dinner should be in the movies, it was so good."

"wow! just ate the garlic fried chicken from ya'll and holy crap that was amazing!!! Thank you Reasors for that meal and Thank you for the amazing food dope soul catering!"

"This truck came to the Reasor's I work at on 71st and Sheridan on April 21st, and that was honestly the best BBQ lunch I've had in a long time. 10 out of 10 would recommend. If If I would've known about their online menu I would've checked that before I ordered though."

"Soooo good! I got the loaded fries and they were amazing! I would definitely get them again! Thank you so much for lunch!"

"They parked in the Jenks Reasors parking lot yesterday. Best food truck food ever! They were efficient and super friendly. Pulled pork sandwich was perfect and I will find them wherever they go to eat there again."

"Great food and great prices!! So good and thank you for coming to Silvertree in BA tonight. You are welcome anytime."

"Before the pandemic, Dope Soul was coming out to my job for lunch like every week and always had a different menu. Not boring at all. I got the meatball sub, fried rice and dirty fries. Not all at the same time lol. It was always a ton of food for a great price and I sure do miss you guys."

"Thanks for serving breakfast burritos and coffee to the teachers today. Everyone was smiling."

"Your mac and cheese is the best I have ever had in my life. "

"They came to reasors, I got the pulled pork sandwich and oh my god was it amazing. I highly recommend it."

"Catered a lunch last week for our office and the food was fantastic! Plenty to eat and would eat at their truck in the future."

" I will have your baby if you tell me what you put in the donuts."

"You served a soul food menu to my church group here in Tulsa and had the best fried catfish and collard greens with perfect corn bread. My sister got the shrimp with cheesy grits and I made her share with me. That’s straight up cooked with love!"

"love the hidden menu, every time no matter what you guys are perfect."

"Dope Soul is my favorite food truck! They offer delicious and creative food that’s been prepared with lots of love! I love their commitment to the small business community! Dope Soul is fantastic food made by amazing humans!"


"EVERYTHING I had was delicious! I'll definitely be going back"

"Thank you for catering my wedding. The Greek menu was more than I could have ever asked for. My mom loved the vegan ceviche !!!"

"You made our meeting even more spectacular with the buffet. Amazing flavors and detail. "

"We loved this food truck! We are food truck fanatics and have ate at tons of food trucks and this one ranks up there for sure. We had the dirty fries, a dope burger, and pupusas! Everything was fresh and bomb! Highly recommend."

"Highly recommend this food truck!!"

"Great service." 

"We loved the grilled cheese and nachos, they really hit the spot. Thanks for coming out."

"Breakfast, Breakfast and yes I want the breakfast. Sweet potato biscuits were great with the fresh sausage gravy and eggs. The whole meal made the day completely doable."

"Our dealership is in love with you. More please!"

"That garlic chicken is the bomb."​

"You asked for my autograph but it should have been me asking for yours. I am humbled by your kind words and graciousness."

" The burgers are made for instagram!"

" Please book more public events."

"Thank you for taking care of our wedding guests, my family would like to adopt you now."

"You made our event even better," 

"Great people running a great food truck/catering business. They serve a variety of delicious foods, today I had their Veg Fried Rice, and it made my day."

"The roast beef dinner for our staff was extremely nice, thank you for the charcuterie board service on all the tables. Loved the logo you all added."

"My company just had Dope Soul Catering + Food Truck out for our event for lunch. The food was excellent and the portions were great for our workers. The staff was offered not only breakfast options but lunch at the same time. It was a huge hit with the guys. They served fast and even offered to take away the trash at the end of service so our staff didn't have to carry out the trash. The staff was really pleasant and funny and the event was easy to book and they worked with a 50 person guest increase at last moment with no problem. Thank you for coming out we feel cheered up on a gray cold day just for having you guys out."

" I booked them once and won't be letting them go any time soon."

" Thank you for coming to Norman for us."

"Best black bean burgers and waffle fries. Bryan and Nicole are the best. Great service."

"Dope Soul Food Truck catered our event for 420 people with no problems at all. We enjoyed the staff and really enjoyed all the food. The meal was made for us and our customers so really loved that they could change their menu to meet the needs for even our vegetarian folks. The flavors were great and the food was served quickly."

"The vegetarian is out of this world. Best Fried RICE! "

"Easily the best food truck in Tulsa, and probably Oklahoma! They catered my son's birthday dinner and gave us everything we asked for. My son wanted surf n turf and everything was perfectly seasoned. The steak was tender and I don't know what kind of shrimp that was but OMG it was so freaking good it was like lobster!!! We had fluffy loaded mashed potatoes, garlic sauteed green beans too. I wasn't expecting such gourmet catering from a food truck, no offense, but my mind was."

" Thank you for not using black bean burgers from SAMs, your burgers and bbq were spot on the real deal vegan."

"Dirty Fries, get the large, I wish I could see the look on your face! "

"Essential workers at the Plaza love you."

"Incredible food no matter which menu you are ordering from."

"You are the healthy choice for Bartlesville. Thank you for putting together a great menu. The quinoa bowls were great."

"loved the dessert trays you guys delivered."

"#1 Caterers & Food Truck. "

" The Luau was beautiful authentic made possible by you."

"Is there an everything category for the best food truck in Tulsa. You will win it! 

"Very clean food truck, lovely people and service along with excellent food."

"Best food truck in Tulsa hands down."

"Soul food that is so flavorful you have dance and sing. Grits, banana pudding, collard greens and chicken are a must."​

"Best BBQ there is in the state, probably even the country."

"The bbq parfait was perfect and huge."

"The philly steak with jalapenos for the win!"​

"Tell me your secret sauce recipes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease."

"Thank you for delivering ice cream to all the staff."

"How did you get the whole entirety of our staff to agree you were the best with no complaints. It's a miracle see you again soon."​

"We have had a lot of food trucks but you guys are definitely the real deal all the way. Glad we found you."

"We had these guys out for a neighborhood event in Preston lakes. Everything they make is delicious and unique! I have yet to have anything I didn’t like, it’s all so good! They move very quick considering that everything is made fresh and it’s a food truck. They got an amount of food out that would have taken even a restaurant longer to make. Very friendly and hard working people. As someone who works for a caterer myself, I would highly recommend them. Thank you for serving us!"

"They came to our neighborhood last night and the food was amazing! It was fresh, delicious, and unique. I highly recommend them."

"Everything we ordered was perfect. Fresh, delicious, and unique. I highly recommend them."

"Dope Soul Catering and Food Truck is sooooo good. Their food and snow cones are amazing. If you are thinking about trying them should go for it. 5 STARS !!!!!"

"They have great food, with excellent flavor! I highly recommend the Chicken Shawarma!"

"OMG! They rocked out my birthday party with a carnival food menu that had the best gourmet funnel cakes you could ever ask for. All fresh made and topped with stuff like bananas and cream, s’mores, Oreos or M&M. They made hand dipped corn dogs and I literally watched them make the batter. The garlic chicken though, that was soooooooo good. Luckily they come to town a lot so I get to have it more than I probably should. They have a creamy sriracha sauce that goes with the garlic chicken that is bomb! I can’t wait to get the shave ice. It’s the softest, fluffiest ice I’ve ever had. I saw them in Tulsa People and I can guarantee they deserve the hype. If it was possible I would give them 6 stars."

"We hired Dope Soul Catering and Food Truck for our film crew after a bad experience with another food truck. They saved the day and set out an awesome craft table with fresh fruit, juices and quick serve items, plus some of the best coffee ever! They also made breakfast fried rice and breakfast burritos, custom for the whole crew. We hired them again to serve dinner and they pulled out all the stops. Vegan options, eco friendly plates and utensils, tons of healthy food with a fresh salad bar, tikka masala veggies, clean fish options and delighted the whole crew after eating take out for so long. Exceptional quality and service. Would hire again!"

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